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1st jan, 2024

We really appreciate the efforts with you all our supporters and well wishers for standing with us in giving a helping hand to the needy. We have built a school for orphans at Lyantonde Needy Nursery School which was sponsored by Save Life Uganda, Bethsaida Community Church and Lyantonde Young Child Support Organisation. 

Our aim for building up this school was majorly on improving the Education System for orphans, Girl Child Education improvement in Rwenzururu region and South Western Uganda


Imagine walking several miles to fetch unsafe water to drink? thats shared with the animals. This project will help Ugandans from Kabarole . Save Life Uganda drill a new water well and install a solar-powered pumping system to provide clean water and sanitation for over 1,000 orphans and vulnerable children in our care in more than 20 communities. Help each child have clean, safe water to drink, experience good health, and feel more hope for a better life

5 May, 2022

Ensuring that all girls and young women receive a quality education is a human right, a global development priority, and a strategic priority for Joy for Children-Uganda.

Education plays a critical role in breaking the cycle of poverty and violence. When girls are kept in school, they stand a better chance of growing into empowered women who transform their neighborhoods and nations. Education is one of the best ways to prevent child marriages and teenage pregnancy.

For many girls in Uganda, education isn’t just important for a brighter future, it’s critical to their survival. Yet, girls often drop out of school simply because they can’t afford feminine hygiene products.

5 April, 2020

This project aimed at supporting the most vulnerable out-of-school children has this morning laid the foundation for the new construction or refurbishment of up to 83 classrooms and 49 improved WASH facilities across the districts, valued in total at over 4 billion Ugandan shillings

10 March, 2020

This is aimed to sustainably bring back water and life to degraded lands in Northan County, Uganda, supporting local populations towards food self-sufficiency. The goal is to create forests of indigenous, food-producing trees that will provide long-term food security to the Karamajjongo tribe while simultaneously curbing climate change. This is achieved through innovative training at our centre, as well as the distribution, cooperative planting and follow-up care of tree seedlings in the community

3 March, 2019

We ought to eradicate un-ending drought and water born diseases in Northern Uganda, depending on the Presidents speech on the Nile Post blog on 18th, June, 2019 “We shall not wait for Karamoja to develop” we as Save Life Uganda, we decided to go back and pick-up our fellow Ugandans and move with them with a leading motto “Together as One” through our endless projects, now we are providing them with safe clean water and the near future, we shall improve their Education standards. 

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